City Squares Company for Investors and Businessmen Services in the Sultanate of Oman is one of the leading companies in providing services. We have a highly experienced and competent cadre for more than fifteen years and have several branches outside the Sultanate. We have strong relations with several Arab and foreign companies and specialized in providing internal and international public relations and advisory services, linking relations between government agencies and the private sector to serve the public and private sectors and the economy, and concluding commercial and government deals inside and outside the Sultanate. It has also gained preference and excellence among other companies providing services. It is always pleased to provide all the required work to the fullest, as we have the full experience and trained cadres in public relations and providing these cadres to the public and private sectors to achieve the desired results and achieve the desired goals. Customer satisfaction and service evaluation is one of our priorities. Whereas, the City Squares Company in the Sultanate of Oman is licensed by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment Promotion in the services of investors and businessmen and is officially present on the territory of the Sultanate where it is your guide in coordinating and ending your business and your meetings with government economic bodies and the private sector

Our Vision

City Square Company aspires to expand public relations with government and private bodies inside and outside the Authority of Oman, and to develop export and investment services inside and outside the Sultanate for mutual economic development, and we seek to implement and implement smart ideas in order to bring them to the level of internationalism with the highest quality and professionalism, and to be pioneers at all levels and improve the image of its customers at home and abroad .

Our Mission

City Squares Company emphasizes the dissemination of a culture of quality in the field of providing distinguished relations between the public and government and private bodies, evaluating the service and addressing problems in order to create real competition between all sectors, and we adopt this message in order to provide the best services and the most appropriate prices.

شركة ساحة المدن

Mohammed bin Rashid Adwan Al-Madhaibi

founder of business city squares co.

The Omani experience.. Success for the success of a homeland .. The word "letters" is few, but it carries many meanings. The homeland does not only mean land and borders, but it is the warm embrace that contains its children and cares for them and is based on their affairs and achieves their dreams and aspirations . The Sultanate of Oman is not like any homeland. For all Omanis, it is the blood that flows in their veins, the air that they breathe, and the light that illuminates their lives . It is a proud and immortal homeland with its ancient history and glorious civilization... Its modern renaissance celebrated the Golden Jubilee, that renaissance that moved the country through the ladder of development to the stages of prosperity and progress to become the modern Oman at the top of the progressive pyramid as a modern country that keeps pace with the needs of the time and is based on a modern government with all its institutions and facilities. The whole world knows very well that the march of the victorious renaissance continued with the thought and arms of the loyal sons of the dear homeland, each in his field.. Every citizen in it felt that he responsible for his country’s progress, so he worked diligently and sincerely to advance the Sultanate and provide stability and development for it, so the achievements rolled and the rules of the Omani state became firm, solid and strong, and became a model for the successful experience in building a state of institutions and law and achieving sustainable development goals. Throughout my stay in the Sultanate for more than 15 years, I have never felt that I am not Omani or that there is a difference in treatment between citizens, Gulfs and expatriates. I felt that I was in my country completely and among my brothers. When I decided to go into the investment field, I feared the presence of bureaucracy and mediation and imagined that I would face obstacles that discourage my ambition . On the contrary, I found facilities, encouraging laws, and hands outstretched with peace and motivation . Oman opens its heart to anyone who wants to be a useful member of society and raises its status and develops its economy, whether citizen, Gulf or expatriate, because officials always keep their eyes on the supreme interest of the state. As I am in the good land, I am pleased to express my great happiness at being in it among its people and under the umbrella of its redeemed Sultan, His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, may God protect and care for him. I ask the Almighty to bestow on him the blessings of health and wellness and to extend His Almighty in the age of His Majesty and help him to move the country towards the desired renewed renaissance and to achieve what he wishes for his people and for the peoples of the world.