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Oman receives a great turnout from major companies and investors who headed to Oman with the great commercial opportunities available from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the economic and industrial cities authorities with opportunities for residence and owning a private home in the investor in a very quiet country that carries many tourism and economic potentials.

الطلبات للحصول على الاستثمار

It is considered a global environment for investors, as it enjoys a geographical location and on the Indian Ocean, with free zones and land, air and sea freight services. Many are heading to Oman in many diversified investments, including industrial investments of all kinds, import, export and public transport, as the investor is in Oman It is based on cooperation, buying and selling, and Gulf and international trade exchange.


In establishing your business and establishing your companies, Oman is considered the great economic destination, as it was agreed in the Saudi-Omani Coordination Councils in a trade and economic exchange for the coming stages. Oman established with many countries in trade agreements around the world. There is also the Duqm Economic Authority, which has become one of the largest economic areas in which there is It has many investors at the level of the external and private governmental sector and many economic cities in Oman, where they bear great historical resistance, heritage and tourism. The Omani government, represented by the Ministry of Investment and the Investment and Industry Authority, has many facilities for Arab and foreign investors around the world, where all nationalities are in the nature of the people of the country. And their stability in Oman because of the nature and psychological comfort that it holds for the investor and the tourist


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