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City Squares Company provides services for the purchase of villas and hotel apartments for all nationalities wishing to make permanent visits to the Sultanate of Oman in accordance with the regulations and conditions allocated by the government to all nationalities from the financial capabilities, as businessmen and employees who are able to buy housing or hotel apartments in the center of the country or marine areas may rent the place and earn income from it on a monthly and yearly basis and the place of those wishing to reside in the Sultanate of Oman apply the financial conditions and the city squares management provides the requirements of customers and beneficiaries, whether they wish to buy waterfront villas or within the capital.


خدمات شراء سكن واقامه
Accommodation and accommodation purchase services


For those who want to buy villas and real estate in Salalah, we offer you the best suggestions and consultations in the event of buying housing and extracting residence in the Sultanate of Oman, a country where there is comfort, attractive elegance, calm and breath-taking views that are distinguished in the best security systems and the best Arab peoples in dealing and good morals. When you are in Oman, you will see this article in reality, everyone witnesses it from the respect of guests and residents, we are with you in the accommodation facilities and the best residential and commercial places.


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