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Do you want to expand your trade in the Gulf and in the Sultanate of Oman in particular, and the City Squares Company will be a strategic partner for you in preparing your business And contract with companies and banks that work in commercial deals and sales, including buying and selling, financing and banking facilities in order to build major projects and provide the best methods that suit you with holding meetings with owners of companies, factories and businessmen and signing agreements with all sides wishing to work in complete secrecy.
The City Squares Company also provides a service of communication with all partners and with all relevant government agencies, offering investment opportunities to the investor, while linking agreements and relations between the entity and the investor at the same time. It also provides reception, hotel reservations, appointments and general coordination with the best privileges.
You have a desire to trade exchange and commercial deals in the Sultanate of Oman, Cities Square Company provides you with that, and we are pleased to deal with all customers from all over the world.


الصفقات التجارية والبنكية
Business and Banking Transactions



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