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تأسيس الشركات في سلطنة عمان
Establishing companies in the Sultanate of Oman
  • Establishing companies in the Sultanate of Oman

Steps to establish companies in the Sultanate of Oman for foreign and Arab investors, with City Squares Company for the services of investors and businessmen from around the world, as the company is accredited in the exercise of its activity by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment Promotion in the Sultanate of Oman is your guide and consultant in the Sultanate of Oman, as it is distinguished in providing the best service to investors wishing to invest in the Sultanate of Oman in all commercial activities, whether commercial, industrial, service and logistics, as the Sultanate of Oman has become the economic face of all those who continue and enjoys economic development and strategic economic partnerships with all Countries, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in large and future projects where they have the best economic components on land and sea, where they are distinguished in the projects of economic bodies and free zones, which provide the investor with contracting with the bodies directly. The city squares team also serves investors in coordinating appointments with government agencies and the private sector and offers investment services with holding meetings and concluding agreements and commercial and banking deals. They provide legal services to conclude contracts with all advisory services upon request according to our work policy in providing continuous effort and providing the best services to them without us. An effort and a place that preserves the confidentiality of dealing and coordination.



متطلبات اصدار عقود التأسيس والسجلات والتراخيص بسلطنة عمان
Requirements for issuing incorporation contracts, records and licenses

Requirements for issuing incorporation contracts, records and licenses

Company’s registration services in Amman Whether you choose the company’s activities and the degree of excellence of the company, including:

              • The company is an excellent grade with a capital of 250 thousand Omani riyals
              • The first class is 150 thousand Omani riyals
              • The third class is 20 thousand Omani riyals
              • The fourth class is from 20 thousand to 10 thousand Omani riyals



الطلبات للحصول على الاستثمار
Requests for investment

Requests for investment

    • Memorandum of Association
    • Commercial Registration
    • Commercial License
    • Foreign Investment License
    • Opening a work file and workers
    • Issuing permits and residence permits for those who continue

All these services are carried out by the city squares and you are in your place as required by you to send passport copies to a company, whether partners or one person, with a power of attorney to manage the company and the delegate nominated to end the procedures under a formal agreement and an official technical and financial offer. Applications and documentation of contracts will be submitted as soon as possible.



سلطنة عُمان.. إنجازات لا تتوقف
Oman Unstoppable Achievements

Services of businessmen and major investors

City Squares Company provides the service of senior personalities and businessmen in coordination with ministries, government agencies and the private sector. It also provides reception service at the airport with the best drivers, cars, hotel accommodation, escort and translation with the work of tourism programs and a detailed explanation of projects in the Sultanate, including:

 The Ministry of Commerce and Investment Promotion,
 Duqm Economic Authority,
 Economic Treasuries,
 Industrial City,
 Economic lockers
 Free Zones,
 Housing Services, Studies and Office Reservations
City Squares Company also provides housing for investors and administrative offices while providing school acceptance of its request and providing student delivery service in public and private schools with the highest privilege.



الخدمات الإدارية للمستثمرين
Management Services for Investors

Management Services for Investors

City Squares Company provides administrative services to investors in the provision of branch managers, senior departments and employees with the provision of business follow-up service in government agencies, renewal of licenses, records and labour residency with the provision of employee housing and transportation with annual contracts suitable for each investor on a concession by a company specialized in this field and on the land of the Sultanate officially we hope to provide everyone with the best services we have and to have our relations developed in all business. It suits your needs We ‘re happy to get in touch



Establishing companies in free zones and Duqm Authority

Establishing companies in the free zones and in the Economic Commission of the Sultanate of Oman for investors wishing to invest in government free and economic zones that provide logistical and industrial places equipped with the issuance of licenses and records as soon as possible and the service of transporting, importing and exporting goods, manufacturing and assembling products through Omani ports and land transport between free zones in Oman with the submission of the use of industrial and commercial land according to the specialization of the commercial activity of the investor wishing to invest in the Sultanate of Oman, which has become the focus of the world. We in the city squares provide you with all consultations, meetings, termination of procedures and coordination.



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