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Legal advice

We work to protect customers and put their entity in the right direction, in line with the laws and regulations, whether commercial, labor, economic or personal, provide commercial legal advice in the Sultanate of Oman, conclude contracts and agreements, object service, prepare and regulate the commercial law, draft contracts, represent customers before the courts, draft internal labor regulations, and represent companies through lawyers.



Management Consulting

We work to serve our customers by providing a management consulting service to them in order to help them improve administrative performance, which contributes to the advancement of their work and the elimination of some of the problems and obstacles facing them. The management consulting service includes the service of organizational restructuring of companies, the development of plans and strategies for companies, the development of companies, and the training of employees. The city squares also provide branch managers with an authorized manager in the signing and administrative cadres. They also undertake to manage projects and companies, take recommendations, receive and send mail to the main administration around the world according to the strategy and policy of the companies contracted with them with confidence and privilege.

The city squares company can also manage the branches of companies for investors, commercial representation, the supply of employees, the appointment of a commissioner director, the sending of mail to the main departments, and reporting with the provision of an office accredited by the company in keeping accounting entries, raising tax returns, and registering the company in government tenders in monthly and annual contracts.




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