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City Squares Company provides the services of the Media Canter and has a high level of experience in the field of media canters from operating and equipping them, providing qualified human cadres to manage these canters at a level of scientific and professional excellence, equipping media canters, preparing media statements, drafting press news, preparing conferences, preparing media reports, and preparing a media guide.


Equipping information canters:

Providing the necessary technical equipment and devices such as video cameras, photographic cameras, photocopiers, and satellite broadcasting services such as providing television carriages and linking with external channels.


Media cadres:

Provision of specialized media personnel in the field of journalism, radio and television, space transport, editing, television and radio production and journalism, and specialized correspondents and writers in all fields.


Media Statements:

Preparing media statements for conferences and seminars through permanent coordination between the conference management and speakers in the seminars and providing all information, drafting and publishing for the media.


Press News:

Drafting press news with an editorial template that reflects the image of the institution and maintains the level of news material and its impact on the public.


Press conferences:

Planning the implementation and preparation of press conferences, providing all media services for conferences and media calls and issuing media statements and reports.



Preparing media reports and designing with the development of technical specifications for the quality of reports and printing them in a luxurious type.


Media Guide:

Preparing the media guide for conferences, exhibitions and events in terms of editorial and technical printing and distribution.


Management and operation of social media:

Managing and operating social media, by writing content, managing all social media platforms accounts and developing accounts periodically, while providing special protection for those accounts. We also prepare and write periodic reports to manage accounts.

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