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Trademark registration

City Squares Company for Investors and Businessmen Services We work on the highest standards of quality in public and government relations and public services from improving the performance of the mental image between the government establishment and the private sector and improving the image performance of the connected public in what we provide. We also provide several services. City Squares Company has allocated specialized departments to each service department dedicated to services that suit our customers. The company’s interest is to spread the culture and spread the quality of logos, brands and trademarks, register and document them, and registers intellectual property and copyright rights. City Squares Company also provides full identity design and brand protection in the Sultanate of Oman to government agencies, companies and factories on the highest quality and excellence through professional designers in the performance and quality of images and special sizes approved by the Intellectual Property Authority.

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You can rely on City Squares for Investors and Businessmen Services to establish your business from the incorporation contracts, issuance of commercial records, design of the company’s identity, protection of the trademark in the Sultanate of Oman, registration and approval by the Ministry of Commerce and design of websites ( Word Press or special programming) , as City Squares for Investors and Businessmen Services works in this field and several areas of fifteen years and has branches inside and outside the Sultanate of Oman and economic consultants, as well as experience in registering foreign commercial agencies and trademarks in the Sultanate of Oman and abroad and introducing commercial establishments to each other , knowing that City Squares has experience and long sales in responses to judicial and commercial oppositions of trademarks and how to protect and preserve their quality.
The registration of the trademark and intellectual property is one of the most important marks that are made on the company’s product and the introduction of the company, as is clear in the past, the trademarks that have been established in the minds of society and have preserved its reputation until this day, which witnesses challenges and competition in trademarks and products in the Omani, Gulf and international market.

City Squares for Investors and Businessmen Services always seeks to keep abreast of economic and technological developments inside and outside the Sultanate of Oman, and we are pleased to be your economic and technological advisor inside and outside the Sultanate of Oman with all the advice required from it by consultants specialized in dealing and providing consultations between companies, investors and government agencies.
City Squares Company has consulting, marketing and promotional services for the product and the brand, and experience in responding to the public, maintaining the reputation of the product and the brand of the product, writing daily, weekly and monthly content of designs and news through websites, advertising centers, electronic newspapers and social media accounts, and downloading the most important news that is characterized by the administrative performance of the brand’s audience.


Commercial agencies

You can coordinate with City Squares Company to register industrial commercial agencies and products of all kinds with our authorized agents who have other agencies and have a good reputation in dealing with all factories inside and outside the Sultanate of Oman.

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