Company Formation Services in the Sultanate of Oman

Many procedures make it complicated for investors to complete the process of establishing companies by themselves in Oman. These procedures often require dealing with a complex set of documents and permits, as well as interacting with local and governmental authorities. For this reason, "Sahat Al Madin" is considered an ideal option for investors seeking facilitation in company establishment procedures and compliance with local laws and regulations in the Sultanate of Oman. "Sahat Al Madin" provides investors with experts who have a deep understanding of local and international laws and regulations related to company formation.






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Our services in Company Formation Services in the Sultanate of Oman

Company Formation Services in the Sultanate of Oman Within the Sultanate of Oman .


Requirements for issuing incorporation contracts, records, and licenses.

Company registration services in Oman are as simple as choosing your company's activities and its classification, including: - A First-Class Company with a capital of 250,000 Omani Rials - A Second-Class Company with a capital of 150,000 Omani Rials - A Third-Class Company with a capital of 20,000 Omani Rials - A Fourth-Class Company with a capital ranging from 20,000 to 10,000 Omani Rials


The requirements for obtaining an investment.

A founding contract, a commercial record, a business license, a foreign investment license, opening a labor and workers file, and the issuance of permits and residence visas for continuous operations are all services provided by Sahat Al Madin. You can avail all these services from the comfort of your location. We will require you to send passport copies for all partners or individuals involved, along with a power of attorney to manage the company and the designated representative to complete the procedures under an official agreement, along with an official technical and financial proposal. We will process your applications and document the contracts as quickly as possible.


Company formation in free zones and the Duqm Special Economic Zone Authority (SEZAD).

Company formation services in free zones and the Duqm Economic Zone Authority in the Sultanate of Oman for investors interested in investing in the government-designated free zones and economic areas. These areas provide equipped logistics and industrial facilities, quick issuance of licenses and records, as well as transportation services, import and export of goods, and product manufacturing and assembly through Omani ports. We also offer land leasing for industrial and commercial purposes based on the investor's business activity specialization. Oman has become a global attraction, and at Sahat Al Madin, we provide all the necessary consultations, meetings, procedure handling, and coordination for your investments.


Commercial and banking deals.

Would you like to expand your business in the Gulf, specifically in Oman, and have Sahat Al Madin Company as your strategic partner in preparing your business, contracting with companies and banks involved in commercial transactions and sales, including buying, selling, financing, and banking facilities for large projects? We can provide the best ways to align your goals, including organizing meetings with company owners, factory representatives, and business leaders, and signing agreements with all parties interested in working with complete confidentiality. Sahat Al Madin Company also offers communication services with all partners and relevant government entities, presenting investment opportunities to investors while connecting agreements and relationships between the entity and the investor simultaneously. We also offer reception, hotel reservations, appointment scheduling, and general coordination with the best privileges you desire. If you have the desire for commercial trade and business deals in Oman, Sahat Al Madin Company can provide you with that, and we are pleased to work with clients from all around the world.

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