Our Company Establishment Packages

Business services and establishing companies outside or inside Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt.

The Silver Package
  • Drafting an Incorporation Agreement that includes the names of the partners and their ownership percentages
  • Issuing a Commercial Register with the selected business activities
  • Reserving a Trade Name
  • Issuing an Affiliation Certificate
  • Virtual Location
  • For a review along with the provision of services
  • The completion time is within 3 business days.
  • It is possible for us to obtain the articles of association, commercial register, and licenses without the need for an administrative location
The Golden package.
  • The service includes the issuance of an establishment contract that contains the names of the partners and the percentage of shares for each partner.
  • The service involves issuing a commercial register with the selected commercial activities.
  • Reserving a trade name.
  • Paying the Chamber of Commerce fees.
  • Issuing a membership certificate from the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Selecting a virtual location.
  • Investment license.
  • Investment license.
  • Municipal license.
  • Industrial license (if available).
  • Registering a national address.
  • Selecting an administrative location based on the client's request.
  • Providing consultations and all government-related services for one month.
  • We provide you with a virtual location until you choose the official location for your company.
The Platinum package.
  • Extracting an establishment contract including the names of partners and their share percentages for each partner.
  • Issuing a commercial register with the selected business activities.
  • Reserving a trade name.
  • Paying the Chamber of Commerce fees.
  • Obtaining the Chamber of Commerce membership certificate.
  • Investment license.
  • Municipal license for import and export activities.
  • Industrial license in case of having a factory.
  • Register a national address.
  • Activate the labor office and workers at the Ministry of Labor (issue only the authorization permit).
  • Activate the company's file with the Royal Oman Police.
  • Obtain an entry visa to the Sultanate along with an authorization for one individual (residence).
  • Review along with service delivery.

We need more information to advance your business

Authentication of the parent company document at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Arab Republic of Egypt


With City Squares, you will not feel anxious or confused due to the numerous legal procedures required to establish your commercial activity.

Required Documents

Selection of a trade name.

Selection of company activities.

A copy of the passport - the number of investors should not exceed 4 persons for a single company.

A power of attorney for the City Squares company in the Sultanate of Oman authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Omani Embassy.

  • Registering a new company in the Sultanate of Oman takes 3 working days.
  • The offer includes the issuance fees for one investor only (additional fees apply in case of multiple partners).
  • Issuing the municipal license for import and export activities to complete residency procedures; in the event the investor desires a local license for another activity, additional fees will apply.
  • Commercial records are valid for 3 years, while the membership certificate is valid for 1 year.
  • All documents are kept strictly confidential in a file owned by City Squares, to be accessed if needed by the client in the future.

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