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It is a modern management that encompasses services in business project management, business analysis, and strategic planning. Its goal is to empower the economic development tools for commercial organizations investing in the Arab and global markets by a specialized team in business and investment companies' establishment. The smart administrative program facilitates foreign and Arab investors and businessmen's ease of entry into Arab and global markets, where top management is fully informed of all organization operations across its branches worldwide






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Smart Administrative Services Within the Sultanate of Oman .


Smart Management Software

The program aims to streamline all administrative processes and digitize them, whether the investor is within or outside the investment destination. Sahat Al Madin Company provides services for establishing regional and global commercial and industrial companies, offering consultancy in obtaining licenses. Customers can subscribe to the above program, with the company prepared to act as an official agent for your industrial products and global brands while providing all government services within the Smart Management Program by Sahat Al Madin Company. The program enables suppliers from various countries to engage in modern advanced trade at a lower cost, with top management staying informed of all transactions in real-time. It connects all internal and external departments, with a dedicated team overseeing warehouses, sales, invoice issuance, logistics services, and more.


Outputs of Smart Management

"The outputs of Smart Management are based on: 1. Increasing revenues 2. Reducing expenses 3. Brand expansion 4. Professional customer service 5. Marketing Smart Management provides its services to various departments, including financial management, human resources management, marketing management, sales management, inventory management, quality management, information technology management, research and development center, operations management, website inspections, and the development of specialized policies for the target audience. Through integrated and streamlined digital services, Smart Management is considered a driving force for advanced business practices in the global investment field. All the mentioned services above are accessible through an annual subscription to the program, and at Sahat Al Madin Company, we offer comprehensive administrative consultancy with a team of highly experienced consultants using innovative Smart Management practices worldwide."



It's a cloud-based platform accessible to everyone via the web. It allows users to submit non-customized price quotes and proposals, with the option for suggestions and online payments after quote approval. The platform offers a personal secretary service for call reception, appointment scheduling, meeting organization, and receiving delegations. It also helps in managing and organizing clients, both new and existing. The digital archive is responsible for storing financial transactions, outgoing and incoming documents, and recurring invoices. For project management, each project has its dedicated file with high-precision updates, meetings, and schedules. It includes notifications for the project manager and provides group and private messaging for project participants. The system also tracks customers and sends messages via email or WhatsApp when there is communication to request a specific service. This service prompts the customer to complete the purchase process.



"The program serves all departments, including senior management, executive management, with the ability to grant high-level management permissions, marketing management, sales management, quality management, procurement management, project management, human resources management, research and development center, warehouse management, and more. It provides alerts and reminders for employees regarding meetings, delivery deadlines, and tasks. The program conducts surveys and generates periodic reports for each department or the entire organization, such as sales, expense reports, customer feedback, and service evaluations. It provides precise time and date tracking according to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the local time of each country. The program offers temporary messaging services for clients, ensuring high privacy and information security. The knowledge base includes articles to track their usefulness for customers and improve text based on feedback. A vast database is shared with service recipients for quick contact numbers."



"The program allows for the storage of images, videos, and meetings in a media library. It includes an automatic backup database. It provides an activity log, posts, and conferences offered by the program for commercial organizations in various countries, with periodic development suggestions. Competitor analysis for clients is conducted quarterly."


Customer Service

The customer service team is integrated into the Smart Management platforms to serve the customers of the contracting company. They provide technical and financial proposals requested by the customers through the system. Communication is established for approval with the sales management. Customer service is also linked to senior management departments and grants authority to the dedicated employee. Marketing services involve linking social media accounts on the website, with account management available upon request by Sahat Al Madin Company. This includes creating designs, videos, promotional campaigns, and optimizing Google search engine performance

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