Post Company Formation Services in the Sultanate of Oman

Our clients can benefit from our post-company formation services. Whether they are foreign, Arab, or local companies, we offer a variety of services to help them grow their businesses in the Sultanate of Oman and ensure their successful positioning in the market






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Our services in Post Company Formation Services in the Sultanate of Oman

Post Company Formation Services in the Sultanate of Oman Within the Sultanate of Oman .


Post incorporation services.

Our clients can contract with us for post-incorporation services, whether they are foreign, Arab, or domestic companies. We assist in building government relationships in Oman, handling government transactions, establishing incorporation contracts, monitoring company operations, and officially archiving and cataloging all documents, licenses, incorporation contracts, and employee contracts in a dedicated file within our specialized software at Sahat Al Madin. Our software has features that alert clients when a document is approaching its expiration date, three months before it expires. Additionally, the software offers employee and labor affairs management, residence permit numbers, copies of medical and health insurance cards, access cards, vehicle insurance, vehicle inspection, customs clearance, receiving goods, receiving parcels, and delivering official documents that we either receive from companies or extract on their behalf. We maintain a complete copy of these documents in a dedicated file within the software. We also handle salary processing through the labor platform, update salaries, register employees and laborers on the social insurance website, and send notifications to the contracting companies about any renewals, residence permits, contract expirations, and more.


Market research service.

Sahat Al Madin provides market research services tailored to the projects that investors wish to enter in the Saudi and Gulf markets, encompassing various business activities practiced within the Omani market. Many leading foreign companies with international business interests are looking to invest in both the public and private sectors across various sectors, including renewable energy, industrial sectors, and construction. They are keen to explore opportunities in the Omani market, given the significant economic growth in the Sultanate of Oman. We are pleased to offer a range of services starting from company incorporation in Oman, followed by providing economic feasibility studies as per the investor's requirements before entering the Omani market. These services are delivered by accredited economic companies and well-known engineering figures in Oman who possess extensive experience in various economic projects in Oman and across the Gulf countries. Sahat Al Madin offers these services, which cater to investors and large corporations worldwide.


We provide accredited economic companies and renowned engineering figures in the Sultanate of Oman.

Many desire to enter the Omani market, considering it a successful global market. Sahat Al Madin offers economic consultancy services tailored to the investors' specific activities in Oman, whether in the public or private sector. All Sahat Al Madin consultants are accredited, providing documented and official studies through authorized offices with which the company has a strategic partnership. These studies encompass complete information about investments in Oman, including supervision and timely delivery to our clients based on agreed-upon schedules. Our services cover all logistics, human resources, and project requirements, managed by experts, ensuring the highest level of efficiency and administrative and technical expertise.


Feasibility Study Service

Sahat Al Madin Company provides feasibility study services to assess the financial and economic viability of projects and investments. This includes market analysis, implementation costs, expected revenues, financial feasibility, and risk assessment, all of which aid in making well-informed investment decisions


Economic Business Consultations

Sahat Al Madin Company offers international economic feasibility studies for Gulf and global markets, along with market research services for investors in various international investment destinations, especially in the Gulf and Arab countries experiencing significant future economic growth. These services are provided by Sahat Al Madin's consultants worldwide in the field of international economic feasibility studies


Examples of post-incorporation company services

"Our clients can contract with us for post-incorporation company services, including handling the Investment Authority licenses and issuing records. We provide the following services: 1. Choosing the company's location (administrative or industrial) in the right place. 2. Establishing incorporation contracts. 3. Handling government transactions. 4. Fully equipping the company with furniture, offices, and more. 5. Receiving goods, equipment, and customs clearance. 6. Marketing the company's products and factories within and outside Oman, presenting them to beneficiaries, and preparing agreements. 7. Providing companies with the latest in the job market and updates related to the Ministry of Human Resources and others. 8. Registering establishments in the government procurement portal and submitting tenders. 9. Managing company exhibitions. 10. Opening and launching projects and documenting them. 11. Receiving and forwarding company mail to the relevant management. 12. Selecting and hiring trained staff as per the company's request. 13. Monitoring all issues facing companies and individuals with Omani government authorities. 14. Handling all company-related work with the utmost confidentiality. 15. Building government relations in Oman."

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